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Résumés & Employment Communications

  Newsletters & Business Communications

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Get the résumé. 

Get the interview.

Get the job!

Business Communications
& Newsletters

Effective corporate communications are of vital importance between internal employees and external business partners.  From newsletters to business proposals, we will help you ensure your business communications are concise, effective, and impactful.


Résumés & Employment Communications

Let us help you ensure that your résumé and employment communications have optimal impact on readers and applicant tracking systems. 


We will also help you effectively brand yourself with employers and highlight how you can positively impact organizations!

Website & Content Development

Businesses rely on online communications to sell services and products. In the age of digital commerce, it is extremely important that our businesses are branded in such a way that we instantly grab our buyer's attention and make a lasting impression. Let us help you develop or refresh your online platform to increase your digital consumer profits!


Job Market Expertise

With over 18 years of experience, we have expert market knowledge in all major industries.


A great résumé that works isn't the only factor in landing that job! All communications to the outside job market should effectively brand you and make a postive impression.  Cover letters, thank you letters, social media branding and even interviews should all be congruent to your personal "brand."

Job Search
Tips & Tricks

Looking for a job can be a full-time job! Knowing where to look and how to maintain control of your brand are key factors in a successful job search.  


Learn strategies and tips to look for jobs and how to make your job search efficient, effective, organized and successful!

Member Services

Need some extra hand-holding? Join our monthly member services and gain access to expert advice for your unique situation.


“After a couple days of submitting my resume to a couple of places on Indeed, I got two interviews and they both offered me the job practically on the spot! Thank you so much for my wonderful resume. It worked!"


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